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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 15:41:55 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <ursula.sabisch@t-online.de>

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Economist -Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

An economist is a person who has completed a course of study in economics or who deals professionally with economic issues.


 Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

Dear Prof. Marcel Fratzscher,

Yesterday my person followed the Talk-show Markus Lanz, in which you were again invited as a guest. With quite amazing, detailed and extensive knowledge you could really shine as a capacity, whereby one could also perceive the philosopher in you.

According to Wikipedia, you currently head the German Institute for Economic Research and are a professor of macroeconomics at Humboldt University.

Macroeconomics - Wikipedia


Macroeconomics (from Greek μακρός makros "big"; οἶκος, oíkos "house" and νόμος, nomos "law"), also macroeconomics, macroeconomic theory or macrotheory, is a branch of economics.

My person is also interested in the law of the "house", but comes to quite different conclusions that you are clearly not aware of or will not seriously consider. I was very surprised that you talked about the huge capacity of daily oil resources and high quantity of oil refineries as a kind of mechanism for the world economy but did not say a word about the finiteness and dangers of such resources.

Fortunately, today there are already other mechanisms or energy sources that can partially replace oil, which you also made clear and named the FRG in this regard as a proportional user of other energy sources.

However, also at this point my person would like to make clear that the future-oriented energy source must be with priority the body power and the power supply mentioned in the harmony with the nature by magnet power stations, which must be reduced quantitatively to the need in each case just as sealed and secured by a gigantic dome, as today a nuclear power station!

To the heating technology which presupposes an in each case effectively needed filter technology or filtering of the chimneys of all users, my person would like to give also in this regard a guideline and call the old evaluate and cozy fire stove and the fire hearth which must be made realizable future-oriented by the heating of state-controlled wood cultivation of the forestry, whereby the continuance can be infinite by the afforestation of the forests!

Since you also know that everything is connected with everything, my person would like to point out you and your professional colleagues as well as all economists worldwide, that it must come in the foreseeable future to a strong reduction and afterwards to the standstill of the global exploitation of the earth!

Since you have already lived for example in Indonesia and will understand or even speak this language, my person would like to point out to you and others that the daily more or less weak respectively stronger earthquakes have increased quantitatively in Indonesia from the year 2012 quite obviously as well as in strength slightly and this phenomenon progresses creepingly, whereby worldwide very many other states have followed and will still follow and so one can already wait for it until probably in some years or decades the "house" collapses!

Regrettably, this is not the only problem which the world must carry, because everything is connected with everything and highly "foreign" seems to have been added!

For this reason the surreptitious ways have been taken, which however must not be abused as a kind of alibi function, because the time already presses and heads for a foreseeable end, what you and others should be able to read in the various homepages of my person and what has been shown by the reality!


Thus my person remains in the hope that you will inform yourselves world-wide as the economists mutually in the matter and in the order and with King Juergen and its hopefully already set up Danish ambassador staff will agree

with kind regards, Ursula Sabisch


HP: Regrettably my person must publish this letter and/or document in one of the above-mentioned valuable homepages, since the time window of my person, for whatever reasons, was already exceeded!