​Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage



Wenn jeder seinen bestmöglichen Beitrag in der Sache und im Auftrag leistet, indem sich auch jeder Mensch entsprechend richtig einordnet, dann sollte der Zeitdruck, den es bereits sichtlich gibt, noch aufgefangen werden können.


If each individual member performs to the best of his/ her ability in the matter and commission by processing of align oneself, then the pressure of time still could be balanced.

Viele werden nun im Jahre 2019 den Dienst auch im Jenseits antreten müssen...… denn wir sind hier noch lange nicht bei "WÜNSCH DIR WAS"!

Es wäre im Jahre 2021 sehr verwunderlich gewesen, wenn nicht bereits ein Massensterben auf der Sonnenseite des Lebens vonstattengehen würde.

Many will have to start now in 2019 the service also in the hereafter......

because we are here still far not with


It would have been very astonishing in the Year 2021, if a Mass Death would not already take place on the Sunny Side of the Life.

And what about you sitting in front of the Microphones or in front of the TV Cameras?

  • Is there only the wish of getting a name and success through everything what goes on?
  • Do you have really no better ideas than talking and tattle about other ones to entertain your viewers or listeners in this way?
  • Do you really have been deprived in any ways, that you only have the wish of living in that low level you daily demonstrate through your programmes and the advertisement?
  • What do you have especially to do with the matter of this strange writing; is it perhaps also your level, which makes from a person an endless end user, too?
  • Please start thinking about your activity you are placed and then also start to inform your viewers or listeners step by step by reading the letters of your Empress into the microphones.
  • Ask for them perhaps at the WHO per mail, www.who.int, letter post or fax to be informed about the matter and commission.*

    *At present time you may find the most important letters in Internet.
    *At present time impossible.