​Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck

International Court of Justice Peace

Palace Carnegieplein 2

2517 KJ The Hague

The Netherlands

Germany, Luebeck, March 05, 2024

Please let this document be translated in many languages and be handed over

to the corresponding places! That German-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers and especially you Dear French people,

Yesterday on the news, we all understood how great you are as the French and how great

your love of freedom is!

An amendment to the constitution for the benefit of women and therefore for the benefit of society is surely the least you can beat Creation and created life round with it!

You have presented yourselves as a "rather broken society" to the whole world in front of your Eiffel Tower in Paris as your giant landmark and you have celebrated yourselves! You have cobbled together the right to self-determination and constitutionally equated it with the right to decide on the fundamental right to a life that has been announced. 

Through this French constitutional amendment, you have obtained the right in France to have the life of a creatively planned human being "constitutionally" killed, whereby Creation is clearly always affected and the killing always and fundamentally concerns an unique human being in its most defenceless form.

You, as the great French, are now the first Christian country to have introduced a right into your constitution that is not a human right, but you, as the great, great French, only live and have a life on earth because Creation is as it is and because your right to life was protected by other people!

But that's all in the past and there's no future anyway, is there?

First, as a clever Frenchman and politician, you remove the Christian crosses or Christian symbols in public life and justify the action with the common good of the different cultures of an insurgent society.

Then one waits for the right time in the upcoming elections in order to obtain the favor of the electorate and votes at the expense of the highest Good and at the expense of every unprotected life in order to remain in power, for example by amending the constitution, for which there is no legal basis anywhere and in no case.

In addition, as a politically trained Frenchman, you need a politically motivated kindergarten child to stand in front of the committee or parliament and make a name for himself by pretending to have experienced the greatest day of his life through such an event, in order to be able to consolidate his political career at the acclaimed announcement of this constitutional amendment!

Hura, hura, hura, you great, great Frenchmen and women, you all have a great future ahead of you!

Woe, woe to you and others, you great, great, endless, freedom-loving Frenchmen and women, you'll start moaning when the bills for the aborted ones "flutter into the house", woe to you!

You will please pay all these bills without any problems, but of course you will not be the only ones who will be asked to pay!

Now you, as the French, have thought that any subsequent government cannot change anything in your abortion law through the constitution, only you have obviously forgotten a possible and natural form of government, which so far, however, has only been formed by human appointees and often by criminal upstarts and their descendants.

The Roman Catholic Church, and especially the Church in France, has also played its part in these abuses and still plays a subordinate role today, especially in the European Union.

The Church has not expressed much resentment at the attack on created life through the above-mentioned impunity and authorization of abortion by the French constitutional amendment and thus through the attack on the protection and fundamental right to life, and has certainly not taken a clear and unambiguous position!

Such a natural Monarchy should be dispensed with at present and for the time being be limited to the foundation stones of a true and therefore natural worldwide Monarchy, which exists and is preferably, but not exclusively, composed of three persons, i.e. the Emperor, the King and the Empress! 

Only when the foundation of the entire "house" is stable and secure will the true Clergy naturally be able to take the corresponding place of a naturally intended Monarchy worldwide, if it should then have become free by nature!

Do you and others finally get your sick, sick butts in motion and in the right direction, which is preferably predetermined on the Internet by my person, you big, big sizes!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


Now, of all things, the called and appointed Authorities had to come from a country that has already tacitly tolerated and knowingly watched or looked the other way as other people were taken away and sent to their deaths for trivial reasons!

Woe, woe to you or others, especially those who already have one or more human lives on their conscience, especially through an abortion or the starvation of another, and woe, woe, woe to those who have been drawn into this vicious circle and now all want to wash their hands of responsibility for abortion and starvation!!!