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The letters are written for all persons worldwide. They are about the matter and commission of our all Lord and Creator.

If the text are too long or too difficult please, try reading the letter again, because it is worth the effort.

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Most of the letters are written for people in a controlling position.

-------- Forwarded message -------

Subject: Matter

Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 22:06:52 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <>



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen in the Radio Stations or in the Radio Editorial Offices,

If you and your listeners don't only have football "on the brain" and if you don't want to miss life, then you and others have come to the right place on my various homepages!

Roundup of Homepages:

There you and your listeners can get acquainted with the actual "reality", whereby every human being worldwide is involved in the whole happening and in the cycle of life.

Thus, everyone can contribute something sensible in the given guidelines in the matter and in the order, which are evident through the pages; everyone can improve something or change something through wealth of ideas, which you and your entire circle of colleagues will have in abundance!

There is also something to laugh about in my pages now and then, which is definitely part of it, but the sense or the content of these documents remains correct and preserved despite some necessary expressions!

So my person wishes a lot of fun while reading and hopes that these linked and very valuable pages will be made public by you, so that your listeners will also like to read those documents themselves, which were all sent as letters or in letter form via e-mails** to different addressees.

Yours sincerely, Ursula Sabisch

**Document reviewed 25 June 2019

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Linguini al Pesto

Final Week with Ulla!

This week Ulla swung her rolling pin again and conjured up some delicious pasta specialities for us. Homemade pasta with fresh sugos for lunch and in the evening as usual.

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